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About district

Ertilsky municipal district located in the north-eastern part of the Voronezh region at a distance of 145 km from the regional center. It shares borders with Ternovskiy, Anna's, Panino, Verkhnekhavsky District of the Voronezh region, and the southern regions of Lipetsk and Tambov regions. The district is the river and its tributaries Bityug relating to the Don basin. In the eastern part of the river Toyda relating to Chopra pool.

The area of ​​the district is 1458 square kilometers Through it passes the federal road linking the city of Voronezh and Tambov.

The urban and 13 rural settlements include 63 settlements. The largest of them: the regional center - the city Ertil, villages Rostoshi, Pike, Great Samovets, Shuchinsk Sands, Sands Barshcheuski and settlement Pervomayskiy.

Population Ertilskogo municipal area of ​​23.2 thousand. People, of which 54.95% live in rural areas. The density of the population of the district - 16 inhabitants / km²..

As an independent administrative entity, Ertilsky District was established in December 1938. In 1957, its territory was expanded to parts of the abolished Tokai district. In 1962, the district was disbanded, and in January 1965 restored in its present borders.

Natural resources include minerals of sand and clay, but the main value of the area are black soils.

By type of industrial activity area can be characterized as the agro-industrial.

The main branches of modern production Ertilsky District - is agriculture, processing of agricultural products and machinery.

The industrial potential of the region includes the 5 companies. JSC "Ertilsky Casting and Mechanical Plant" and JSC "Ertilsky experienced Mechanical Factory" produces equipment and spare parts for the enterprises of agriculture and food industry. JSC "Ertilsky sugar", LLC "" Ertilsky "and LLC" Ertilmoloko "Plant oils processed agricultural products.

Agriculture has always been and remains one of the most important sectors of the economy Ertilsky District. Agricultural lands in the area cover an area of ​​127 hectares, including arable land -. 104.6 thousand hectares Agricultural production employs 27 agricultural organizations, specializing in the production of crop and livestock production, 71 peasant (farmer) economy, about 9000 private farms.

Natural gas has come in Ertil 29.12.2006 By 2015, all settlements were built gas distribution networks and gas pipelines are made. The gasification level in the area is growing annually by connecting households.

Social services represented 15 educational institutions, with an enrollment of 2 thousand 198 children (1169 - in the city in 1029 - in the village).

Base area of ​​Health provided district hospital, consisting of outpatient complex, designed for 520 visits per shift, stationary complex for 115 beds, as well as the rural network, consisting of three outpatient clinics and 21 FAP.

The sphere of culture Ertilskogo municipal district operates in five municipal institutions, with the status of legal entity. These are: the establishment of a municipal Department of Culture and Youth Administration Ertilskogo municipal area; Municipal Cultural Institution "intersettlement center of culture and leisure Ertilskogo municipal district" (24 branches); Municipal Cultural Institution "Ertilsky History Museum"; district municipal cultural institution "Ertilskaya district library" (22 libraries - branches); Municipal educational establishment of additional education for children "Ertilskaya children's music school."